IALD had a CMS system that was extremely difficult system to allow IALD to update content. The site was not responsive, poorly designed and did not reflect the overall brand of IALD of as application. Furthermore the site did not integrate with IALD’s membership platform called Avectra / Abila. The site had grown in content and was difficult to navigate. Users were unable to find important information that exists on the site because it was deeply buried, illogically placed or otherwise impossible to find. IALD’s goal with the redesigned site was to deliver content to its members and to the public that is easy to access, accurate and timely. The strategic goals were to support membership as IALD strived to increase the number of projects worldwide that use lighting designers and to recognize the individual members that showcase their work.


1/0 chose Kentico, a light-weight and inexpensive .NET based CMS that is flexible and easy to develop against. Kentico has a familiar metaphor for finding content within the CMS. It’s based on a left side folder structure that’s familiar to both MAC and PC users. There are over 400 Web parts or modules that ease the development time for features common to most Web sites. 1/0 also configured the CMS to allow for multi-language support when IALD is ready to add multiple languages. Kentico's open API allows for easy integration with Kentico with third parties such as Avectra / Abila. Kentico is built as a three-tier application following best practices for code that’s scalable, maintainable, and secure. It’s a fully-managed application written in C#, and can be deployed in a medium-trust environment. Kentico allows the IALD staff to deliver and optimize real-time customer-centric marketing across multiple channels. IALD is able to use the Kentico CMS to quickly and efficiently create compelling content such as forms, newsletters, campaigns and more. Using the WYSIWYG editor similar to Microsoft Word, new users are able to quickly adapt to the interface and accelerate their productivity.


Working hand in hand with IALD, 1/0 was able to deliver a solution that met all of the strategic and tactical goals of IALD. The site brings forth the power of light and how it can change the look and feel of a room or building and brought that to the forefront of the site. One can change their lighting mood on the site and see the site in different colors. We were also able to create a Single Sign-On session between the Kentico site and Abila. This means that when an IALD member signs onto the IALD site, they are also logged into the Abila member site. This allows for a seamless experience between the member site and Kentico. Because IALD is an international organization, 1/0 developed a targeted content strategy based on the IALD regions. Based on a member’s location, that member is served up content that is relevant to their region. This makes the site more useful to its members and brings to the forefront information that is relevant to that individual member. To meet the strategic goals of the site, 1/0 created an online member Designer Directory that showcases the members work, background, credentials and location. Members are able to edit their personal information, company information, publications and awards and featured case studies with the ability to upload images related to a project. Not only does this allow IALD to showcase their members, it also increases the SEO value of the entire organization and is the highlight of the site. 1/0 continues to maintain and improve the iALD.org Web site and has since gone on to develop out IALD’s continuing education site.



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