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The Propane Energy Resource Council (“PERC”) wanted to update their old, unresponsive Web site that did not convey the brand in a favorable way. In fact, the site was not differentiated from their consumer site –, which often lead to confusion.

One of the main purposes of the site is to disseminate information about Propane and sell material associated with servicing and maintaining Propane services. The store UX was extremely difficult to navigate. It could take several clicks to find the product catalog and it resided completely on a third party Web site called PropaneMarc. None of the products were managed through the legacy site therefore the user experience was convoluted and confusing. The Store and the Council sites were completely unintegrated and looked completely different from one another.


PERC worked with four companies (Blue State Digital, Swanson Russel, Volusion, and 1/0), to redesign and develop a brand new Propane Council Web site. The redesign was optimized to create a beautiful UX which is fully responsive. Because of the complexity of the new site and the integration with Volusion’s eCommerce store, there were many players to help design and develop the site. Blue State Digital created the User Experience and Design for the site, Swanson Russell organized and re-worked the content and overall project management, 1/0 worked on the development of the site using Ektron and the product integration, and Volusion was in charge of the cart and checkout process.


The site launched in the Fall of 2016. It was well received by the members of the propane state agencies and those who rely on the Council for information on Propane. The site is fully responsive which includes a dramatic hero image on the homepage that conveys the brand in the proper manner. It is easy to navigate, easy to read, and highlights everything that’s relevant about the Council in the best light.

1/0 was able to create filters and taxonomies using Ektron to display products in an easy way. There are three search engines on the site – Google custom search engine, a keyword search based only on products, and a news search solely for news and press releases. 1/0 created three different classes of products – products with options, downloadable products, and single SKU products. Each of these product categories has different set of rules. Downloadable products is not passed to Volusion’s cart and is downloaded directly to the end user. Single products could be added to a user’s cart and then passed to Volusion for payment and fulfillment. Product with options could have both downloadable products as well as fulfillment products associated with their offering.



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